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Knowledge to Make Healthy Choices

Give your employees the knowledge they need to make healthy choices. Displaying nutritional information for cafeteria items at the point of purchase gives them the chance to select healthier options. We provide nutritional analysis of menu items, food service staff education, and recipe modification to meet health claims such as heart healthy or diabetes friendly.  We can also work with chef and food service prep workers to help develop healthy menu items that are appealing to your employees.

Cooking Made Simple

These classes empower employees with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals.  These cooking classes teach participants how to select nutritious, low-cost ingredients and prepare delicious, budget friendly meals for themselves and their families.  There are multiple topics available and each class focuses on a theme such as heart healthy, cutting fat and healthy snacking.  At the end of each class participants take home the knowledge of how to prepare new ingredients along with the recipe in order to practice their skills at home and share a nourishing meal with their families.

Sample Topics:

  • Cooking Lean & Low Fat
  • Eat Your Heart Out: Heart Healthy Cooking
  • Budget Friendly Meals
  • Quick & Healthy Meals for On-the-Go
  • Carb Control